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Disc Herniations | Palm Harbor, FL

We all count on good health to conduct our daily lives. At work, during recreation, and with family. But if you are currently experiencing back pain and the limitations it can bring then you are not alone.

Up to 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and the 2nd leading reason that people visit doctors offices.

At Good 2 Go Chiropractic we treat the symptoms and underlying problem of back pain. Your Palm Harbor back pain chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Goodman has been helping patients overcome pain using cutting edge treatments and protocols to get people better, faster, and with long term results.

Herniated Disc

A “herniated disc” may often be referred to as a “bulging disc” and can cause what many referred to as a “pinched nerve”. However, there are varying degrees of a disc herniation and it is important to identify which one it is to begin the best course of treatment.

A herniated disc does not mean you are going to be in pain the rest of your life. In fact, many people have a herniated or bulging disc and don’t suffer from any painful symptoms. However, with some, it can become excruciatingly painful. Pain can be referred down one or both legs.

At Good 2 Go Chiropractic in Palm Harbor, we treat these issues by identifying movements that make your pain better. We use a technique called Flexion/Distraction that is safe and comfortable. This technique can help resolve symptoms and address the problematic disc. Other state-of-the-art treatment modalities available are cold laser therapy and non-surgical spinal decompression.

At Good 2 Go Chiropractic, we try and give everyone the best chiropractic and doctor visit with only the current and most up-to-date technology. In addition, we provide therapeutic exercises to assist in your recovery.